Friday, 28 December 2012

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Is that a Metal Road I see?

Sunday 15th Ride towards Condicote. This was the first true outing for the CRAP club and was the first for many in a long session of training rides for the HONC in April. Our leader (Martin) set out to meet at the Buckland crossroads, where it was all uphill from there. The team consisted of Mark, Quentin, Martin, Ian and Dave.

All in all about 15/16 miles? and a great start to training.

From left to right: Dipsy, Po, LaLa, and Tinky Winky?

Wow - Lycra and men....
A really enjoyable, if not difficult (for me) ride and the weather was perfect. Ground was nice and firm and the views were perfect - lets hope it stays like this every sunday.

Mark came off his bike whilst enjoying an area of scientific interest or something... not serious, but enough to worry him about the steering and front wheel..Ian soon sorted him out and told him to stop being such a wuss.

Isn't this where George Davis lives?

Not sure how this picture looks to anyone else...but I think theres something odd..?!
Honest - it was not planned! No where is that metal road?

A hard mornings work - near the end of the ride somewhere in the Cotswolds (not quite sure where...muddy lane top?) Ah...there is the metal road, at last.!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

2012 - A New Year and A New YOU?

We are always very pleased to see new riders join the club - so if you are looking to get out into the cotswolds for a few hours of great riding then this is the cycle club for you. We don't take ourselves too seriously, although there are a couple among us who could do some serious off-road biking! - We always enjoy our riding whatever ability.

A friendly group of people, whose main aim is to enjoy the scenery, fresh air and a bit of exercise and to cycle in the HONC (Hell of the North Cotswolds)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Longest ever C.R.A.P ??

Sunday 17th July started out wet and a little windy. Mark, Quentin and new member Anthony Lishman joined the ride along with Sam Riley. We met at 10am, and proceed up Willersey Hill. The plan was to go to Ebrington. We arrived at the Ebrington Arms at 11.30 - too early for us to get a drink so we sat in the garden. The Kitchen is being re-furbished, and so there was a porta-cabin in the car park. The food smells coming to our table outside (now quite sunny) were wonderful, and we all discussed how we should some back one night and eat here.

Pictured at the top of Dovers Hill Sam, Anthony and Q (You can't see Ant's lovely pink bike that matched his pink shorts, but yes he has got a purple helmet!)

The landlord found us in the garden a few minutes later and took pity on us, and we were allowed our first pint (mine was not that great) First bag of pork scratching eaten. Onwards, I said, and soon we arrived in Chipping Campden, where were stopped off the the Eight Bells for a another refreshment. 

I had an unusual pint of Perry, again not the best pint in the world. Mark amazed us with his knowledge of string and the ancient world. Second (different make) bag of pork scratching eaten.

Again we had to make the push homewards, but via the Seagrave Arms in Weston sub Edge, another nice pub where we sat outside drinking UBU. Q had a large cigar (as it was sunday) unfortunately they did not sell pork scratchings.

WE left for home, the short ride back to Willersey where we left Anthony. It was now that the beer started to settle, and Mark thought that we should continue to Broadway for a pint at the Crown & Trumpet (no website) where we could watch a little of the golf... anyway 3 pints of Gwatkins cider later, and another 4 bags of pork scratchings (we had missed lunch), we headed back to Willersey at 5.30pm!! Another great day out in the Cotswold countryside, and we got lucky with the weather too!

Is this a new record for time "on the saddle"??

Thursday, 5 May 2011